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June - Posture of the Month - Sasangasana: "Rabbit Pose"

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Rabbit Pose is the exact opposite, sister stretch of camel pose. It holds the same potential for release and rehabilitation but for the opposite, back side of the spine. In Rabbit Pose, we are folded forward, helping to prepare the body for the final postures of the series. Forward folding is always reflective for the physical and spiritual body as it promotes a feeling of calm and stability.



Begin sitting your hips on your heels with your knees together side by side. Place your hands on your heels, respectively, in the same position as camel (fingers on the inside, thumbs on the outside).

Tuck your chin to your chest, exhale your breath, and begin to roll down the spine, bone by bone, until your forehead touches your knees and your head touches the ground in front of your knees.

Grab your heels tight and begin to roll the spine up and forward, like a wheel. Keep your forehead as close as possible to the knees, helping to create the tightest round you can. Keep your shins pressing against the floor, your feet pressing against the floor, and your arms locked with your hands holding your heels.

Tighten the abdominal muscles and round the lower back up to the ceiling.

In full expression, your hips are over your knees from the side.

To exit, slowly let the hips find their seat on the heels, and roll up the spine bone by bone, allowing the head and neck to stay heavy until they naturally align as your roll up.


The Goods:

Rabbit Pose stretches the backside of the spine, increasing space, circulation, and nourishment to the intervertebral discs of the spinal column. In our most rounded position, we are stretching the kidneys and the lungs on the backside of the body to increase oxygen consumption. Tension of the back begins to clear, as the lower back gets a deep stretch and the shoulders and arms help to pull tension from the neck. Delicious!



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