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February Posture of the Month - "Tadasana: Tree Pose"

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Here we are at the final posture of our standing series. Tree Pose is designed to stabilize the body to prepare for a brief, resting meditation before beginning our floor series. Being still and upright, while breathing consciously is at the heart of all meditation practices, and we see the form training for that in Tree Pose.


Stand with your feet touching, side by side. Shift your body over your left leg, and lift your right leg, reaching to hold your right foot. Place your right foot as high up on the left thigh/hip crease as possible, ensuring an external rotation of the right leg/hip. Continue to hold the right foot in place using your left hand. Stand strong, supporting your balance with a firm left leg.

Place your right hand in prayer position in the center of your chest. Draw in your belly, helping to lengthen your spine against gravity. Stand tall and steady.

Continue to draw open your right hip by encouraging the right knee and thigh to lengthen out from the torso on a diagonal angle.

Breathe here, fully engaged and energized in your stability and strength.

Slowly release, placing your right foot back on the ground, shift your weight and begin the left side.


The Goods:

This pose solidifies our energy and prepares our bodies for a supine meditation in savasana. Tree pose helps to root our energy and bring our mental focus back from any distractions we have given ourselves to thus far in class. It is an opportunity to become present, to reset, and to stabilize our attention. It also helps to open the hip joints while lengthening the spine. Our hip girdle is notorious for energy reserves and deposits. Because of it’s potential to store, create, and release energy, it is so important to access the hips in this deeply therapeutic approach.  As the hips realign and re-energize, our back and spine sit more comfortably in their seat (the pelvis), and therefore, the entire nervous system feels the effects of this opening and awareness. 

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