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Posture of the Month – January 2015 - Poona Salabasana: "Full Locust Pose"

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Poona Salabasana: “Full Locust Pose”


Full Locust Pose is the third posture in a four-posture spine strengthening series. Here, we combine the lower back work from cobra pose with the upper back work from locust pose. This pose emphasizes the strength of the middle spine which bridges the strength and structure of the upper and lower back muscles.



Lying on your belly, place your chin forward on your mat/towel so that the front of your neck is stretched forward. Bring your arms out to the side, imagining they were wings in full span. Squeeze your legs together as one while toning the lower abdomen, bracing the core for stability and structure.

Slowly begin to lift up your arms, legs, chest and back, like an eagle soaring through the sky. All limbs are extended in full energy and span, outward from center. Keep your belly engaged, hugging the spine to ensure proper control and alignment. Gaze up toward the ceiling to help the neck and upper back muscles lift against gravity. Hold your legs together as one throughout the entire posture.

Slowly begin to return to your resting position. No crash landings! Control your descent with graceful movements. This will help to tone the muscles that engage the posture. There’s a 2nd set, so use the entrance and exit strength to prepare.


The Goods:

Full Locust Pose targets the twelve vertebrae of our middle spine called the “thoracic.” Our thoracic spine structure is responsible for being the column of alignment, around which lay the lungs and heart. Working to achieve maximum alignment, strength, and maintaining fluidity of movement helps to provide the necessary structure needed for these very important organs to function optimally. All postures in the spine strengthening series are designed to help your spine maintain upright posture against the weight of gravity. The stronger the spine positions it’s posture, the better placement of vital organs that situate themselves around the structure of the spine is. The better functioning of these very important organs are, the more we experience the beauty of optimal health and well-being.


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