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The HotYoga4You Community Grows

Last updated 4 years ago

We are so excited to announce that we have two new studios joining us: HotYoga4You Locust Valley (formerly Bikram Yoga Locust Valley) and HotYoga4You Carle Place (formerly Bikram Yoga Carle Place.) Please take a moment to read the following letters from each studio's owner, and join us in congratulating them.

To the Carle Place Yoga Community,

I have an important announcement to make and think you’ll all be just as excited as we are. Please read this letter in full so we can all be on the same page.

As of Thursday, September 12, 2013, Bikram Yoga Carle Place will be disaffiliating from Bikram Choudhury and his Yoga Headquarters. Our new studio name will be Hot Yoga 4 You, Carle Place. The reasons for this shift are many, so please allow me to explain my thought process with you.

There has been some upheaval behind the scenes of the Bikram Yoga world, and much of this ongoing drama is nothing that I want to associate myself with, nor my studio. While many of you are already aware of this (as I’ve gathered from fielding your questions about the subject), Bikram, the man, is facing increasingly scandalous and injurious legal accusations. This is not the forum to discuss in detail what those claims are, but to put it simply – it’s nothing any of us would want to be affiliated with. There were a few students that emailed myself and some neighboring studio owners, directing us to and its partnering facebook page. Again, I don’t have the desire to go in to detail with this letter. Please know I’ve thought deeply about making this shift – and I feel, along with many other studio owners, that it’s the right move.

That being said, there was the opportunity to join like-minded Bikram Yoga studio owners to form a community of studios, owners, and teachers that will work together, though function as independent businesses. I jumped at the opportunity. The Hot Yoga 4 You studios of Long Island and Queens with locations in Rockville Centre, Locust Valley, Carle Place, and Rego Park are anticipating great things.

Clearly, it will take some time for you all to see the changes, visually speaking. New advertising material, new logo, signage, and changes to our website will all be happening. More immediately, we can look forward to “Owner’s Teaching Swap,” where Hot Yoga 4 You studio owners will guest teach at each other’s studios, keeping teaching and learning fresh and community-based.

Signature to Hot Yoga 4 You’s studios will be the inclusion of our beloved 60-minute classes, available at all independently owned locations. I will be teaching the first 60-minute Showcase class at Hot Yoga 4 You, Locust Valley this coming Saturday, Sept. 14th @ 10am. We are excited to welcome Hot Yoga 4 You neighboring studio owners to teach at our studio in the very near future.

A special thanks goes out to Yolanda Nash (Hot Yoga 4 You, Rockville Centre & Hot Yoga 4 You, Rego Park) for allowing Carle Place to join this community. Also, congratulations to our friend and veteran teacher, Joe Giuliano (Hot Yoga 4 You, Locust Valley) for making the shift at his studio, as well. It’s not change…it’s evolution!

Thank you in advance for your support. We look forward to the future of the Hot Yoga 4 You community! 

-Tommy McFeely

Hot Yoga 4 You, Carle Place


Dear Locust Valley Yoga Community,

I have some important news to share with you all. Please take the time to read this letter in full, as I will be explaining much of what is to come and what you can anticipate from our yoga studio.

Beginning on September 12, 2013, Bikram Yoga Locust Valley will now be called Hot Yoga 4 You Locust Valley. After careful contemplation, I have decided to end my business affiliation with Bikram Choudhury and his Yoga Headquarters. I am excited to join a growing community of previous Bikram Yoga studio owners in this shift and to expand our offerings as a hot yoga studio. My reasons for this have been well thought out and I'd like to share my process with you all, so you too, can share in this exciting time.

The past 6 months have brought to light some very damaging accusations and legal matters associated with Bikram that, frankly, I want nothing to do with. I won't go in to detail here, but suffice it to say, the allegations are many, and are of a subject that I, personally, cannot stand united with even through business association.

While at first I tried to separate the yoga from the man, the tipping point for me came from a student who forwarded me to, a webpage that highlights the newspaper articles surrounding Bikram's legal issues. The result of this left me with a distinct discernment between the yoga practice (that we love) and the man behind the yoga. For some time, studio owners and teachers have rationalized their affiliation by focusing on the yoga, and forgetting about the man: "It's the man that's being sued, not the yoga." Still though, their affiliations in using his name, go to building the brand of his name. After many pow-wows with some neighboring and distant Bikram Yoga studio owners and colleagues, it became clear that disaffiliation is the answer.

So, in light of all of the above, I have decided to change the name of our studio. With this shift come many exciting opportunities.

Obviously, there will be transitional time needed for you all to see the visual shifts that come with a name change. Printed materials, a new website, brochures, waivers, signage and new logo, merchandise and aesthetic improvements will all be coming soon. We even have an online presence through social media accounts with Facebook and Twitter.

Many of you, and many, many others that approach this yoga studio have expressed dissatisfaction and frustrations because 90-minutes is just simply "too much time." In a culture that is moving faster and faster, it's important the yoga community answers the call for a more realistic and accessible class model. Enter the new 60-minute class!

While we will continue to offer 90-minute classes for those of you with more time to take advantage of, we think it's important to offer a carefully sequenced, hot yoga class for the tightly scheduled wellness warrior. Same sequence, more efficient. It's not 'change''s evolution!

Although we have been practicing 6am "Silent Express" classes at our studio for quite some time, the new 60-minute class is more efficient and will be an instructed class for beginner and veteran yogis alike. For the remainder of September, we will be showcasing these 60-minute classes in specific time slots. We anticipate adding these instructed, 60-minute classes to our permanent schedule beginning in October.

This is an exciting time for former Bikram Yoga teachers and studio owners to feel good about the community again, and we would like to specifically thank Yolanda Nash (Hot Yoga 4 You Rockville Centre, Hot Yoga 4 You Rego Park) for letting us join this community. Also, congratulations to Tommy McFeely (Hot Yoga 4 You Carle Place) for taking the initiative, as well. While each studio will continue to operate as an independent business, the Hot Yoga 4 You studios of Long Island will function as a community. We are excited to begin the much anticipated "Owner's Teaching Swap," which will give each Hot Yoga 4 You studio incredible opportunity to keep teaching fresh! Hot Yoga 4 You's studios stand united in principle and supportive in business ethics and I, personally, couldn't be more excited to be a part of this.

Please come to one (or all) of our new 60-minute class preview dates, which are as follows, for the remainder of September beginning Saturday, September 14th:

Hot Yoga 4 You Locust Valley: 60-Minute Showcase Classes


  • Saturdays @ 10am (9/14 taught by Tommy McFeely)
  • Sundays @ 10am (9/15 taught by Yolanda Nash)
  • Tuesdays @ 8pm
  • Tues/Thurs @ 6am (please note: beginning the week of 9/16, the 6am class will meet Tues/Thurs ONLY)
  • Fridays @ 530pm

Lastly, I would like to thank you for your continued support. I am excited to bring these expanded offerings to our yoga community, and so grateful to feel good about the greater community with which I affiliate myself and this studio. Thank you, in advance, for understanding and trusting the great deal of thought and reflection that went in to making this decision and please know that great things are coming!

There will be some follow-up newsletters regarding schedule shifts come late September/October, where you will see the 60-minute class sprinkled throughout the studio's schedule. Also, be on the lookout for exciting videos and promotions about the growing Hot Yoga 4 You community. Here's to the future!


Joe Giuliano

Hot Yoga 4 You, Locust Valley






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