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Top 5 Reasons To Practice Hot Yoga In The Summer

Last updated 4 years ago

Summer is here…finally! And that means beaches, pools, bike riding, picnics and…hot yoga? Maybe not so much. A lot of us (understandably!) think that a hot yoga practice in the summer is too much when it’s already hot outside and that’s a totally normal thought. Here’s the thing though: it isn’t necessarily right. Before you consider cutting down on your practice this summer, think about these reasons to keep it up:

  1. Your muscles are already warmed up, putting you at an advantage before class even starts!
  2. The hot room can actually help you acclimate to the natural heat of summer because your body cools itself off more efficiently. That makes your outdoor workout easier.
  3. Keeping up your practice is how you’ll improve. Practicing patience is strongly recommended in class but at the same time, it would be a shame to lose the flexibility you worked so hard for.
  4. Remember the healing powers of hot yoga? Hopefully it never happens, but should injury occur as a result from all that summer outdoor exercise, the yoga can help reduce the pain.
  5. Chances are, you don’t spend 60 or 90 minutes stretching before or after your outdoor workout but really, doing so is important to keep muscles from tightening up. The intensity of the 26 postures will stretch you out way better than you could’ve done on your own. And even better – you don’t even have to think about what you’re doing because the teacher is guiding you with his/her words.

So get your sweat on indoors too this summer! Just remember to hydrate well (iced coffee does not count!), come on an empty stomach and try to wear something moisture wicking.


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