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My First 60 Minute Hot Yoga Experience

Last updated 4 years ago

One of our students recently sat down to put her thoughts in writing about our new 60 minute Hot Yoga classes. Now she’s guest blogging for us - check out what she had to say about her first experience below.

You’ll get nauseous and dizzy but you’re going to love it.

That’s what my friend who encouraged me to try hot yoga said to me the day of my first class a few years ago. I didn’t get sick that day but I did love it. She was right. It is easy to think that repeating the same 26 postures in the same order gets old quickly, but it doesn’t. Every class is special in its own way. So when the studio announced recently that it would begin offering 60 minute classes I got excited all over again. This was going to be like my first class, only better because I knew the postures.

Now, if it ever crossed your mind that hot yoga isn’t a workout, think again. And if you think that a 60 minute class is easier than a 90 minute one just because it’s shorter you should really think again. Into the hot room I went…

Okay, now this is where it starts to get different.

That’s what Yolanda said after finishing up Eagle. Standing Head-to-Knee, Standing Bow and Balancing Stick flowed into one another – that meant two minutes straight with a locked out knee (because one minute wasn’t already a challenge!) The balancing series is always the most difficult for me, but in this class there was absolutely no time to think about that. This class forces you to go with the words, which I liked because it was nearly impossible for my mind to drift away. The next flow – Standing Separate Leg Stretching, Triangle and Standing Separate Forehead To Knee was just as challenging. I really appreciated the mid-class savasana that day!

In the 60 minute class, I found the spine strengthening series to be the most intense. Cobra pose, Locust pose, Full Locust and Floor Bow all flowed into one another.

When do I get a mini savasana?!?!

That’s what crossed my mind during that series, and it was quite literally the only thought to enter my head the entire class. That break happened right after Floor Bow.  And then before I knew it, class was over.

It was, and continues to be, a great experience. I still love and appreciate the 90 minute classes, but I like that I can reap the rewards of Hot Yoga in 60 minutes now too. I feel challenged, both mentally and physically, and at peace with myself. I get that well-deserved ‘me’ time. Every single thing about this practice that I love is still there, including the amazing energy and the supportive teachers. And all of that is what makes this yoga priceless.


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