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An Amazing Transformation Story

Last updated 5 years ago

It is always so rewarding for us when we hear stories of how this yoga has transformed the lives of our students. We were particularly touched by one of our Rego Park students, James, who has shared his story below. 

Please drop us a line in the comment area if you have a story you'd like to share. 

February 19, 2012: Edna had only begun her journey to 200 classes in a row. I didn't know Edna and I had no idea what to expect when I took my first Bikram class. I arrived early for a 10:30 Sunday class with Tomoko. I weighed 223 lbs and poisoned myself on a daily basis with soda and junk food. I suffered every moment of every day with plantar fasciitis (heel spurs.)

I had driven by the studio a 1,000 times and always said "I have to give that a shot." Like Steven Gonzales would say, you are in a different place in the universe every day so this particular Sunday the universe put me where I should have been a long time ago.

I started as most of us do with a two week trial. I thought to myself "that this would be the kick start I needed to get back into shape" I had boxed, boot camped, jogged -you name it. Those are all great things but there is one component they all lack. They change you from the outside - Bikram changes you from the inside!

I was always naturally flexible. I remember Tomoko doubting my beginner status because I was able to get into a fixed firm pose on my first day. I stuck with it, enduring the different teachers and their different approaches to getting the most out of us. In the following seven months, my mind and body had completely transformed. I now weigh 185lbs and my plantar fasciitis is gone. My appetite and metabolism have changed completely. If I go out to eat, I find it difficult to eat the same meal I would have devoured before Bikram. My mind is clear of the many minor stresses of everyday life. If there is a bad side effect to this practice it is how to deal with non practitioners - they're too stressed out!!

I am now surrounded by the beautiful souls that practice with me, and teach me. How you guys maintain the same energy level and enthusiasm is something I stand in awe of. I also now have a friend in Edna, an inspiration to us all, as well as my friend Elsie who I practice with at 4pm on a regular basis. I thank them all for their encouragement and friendship as I continue my journey. I also want to thank the instructors; all unique and all amazing in their own way. I know I will never practice alone wherever this journey takes me.




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