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What do Bikram yoga and friendship have in common?

Last updated 6 years ago

Have patience. Be forgiving. Show some support. 

These are the words we grow up hearing our parents tell us - traits and actions that help to make us good friends - and yet, these lessons are reinforced in a hot room. 

Have patience

Perhaps you have a friend who is notorious for being late. She keeps promising to work on it but doesn't, and it's driven you crazy for years. That extra bit of patience will adapt thoughts along the lines of 'what's her problem?' to 'she's trying.' Bikram yoga can change an impatient attitude for the better. We don't walk into our first class with a perfect standing head to knee - it ain't called the 10 year posture for nothing! - learning how to lock out your knee takes time. It takes patience. 

Be forgiving 

You can either get angry and upset if someone disappoints you, or you accept the situation, remain as objective as possible and resolve the matter at hand with forgiveness. In Bikram, we learn to forgive ourselves. Fall out of a posture? As one of our teachers say, 'give yourself a wink and a smile, then get back into it.' In other words, be forgiving. Nobody is perfect. 

Show some support

Actions can speak louder than words here. Whether you've traveled a distance for a monumental family event or embraced a friend who had a bad day at work, you've provided support. The same can be said for a Bikram class because even though your fellow students aren't watching you and the teacher is addressing you as a group, you can count on your classmates to help keep your energy up and your instructor to support you with his/her words. (Plus high fives, motivational thoughts and insight are happily shared after class.) 




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