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    Posture of the Month - Plank Pose

    Last updated 28 days ago

    Plank Pose is the “top of a push-up” position. Make sure your hands/wrists are directly underneath your shoulders and that your arms stay perfectly straight. As you trace your attention from the shoulders to the toes, be sure the belly/pelvis area is held firm. Make sure you don’t allow your pelvis to sink with gravity and/or lift to break the line of the body from heels to head. Squeeze your legs together like one and reach your heels back so you don’t roll too far forward over your toes. Hold this position for a breath before continuing to Chaturanga (low plank).


    This high plank pose strengthens your arms, your upper back, your core, and your stamina. Holding yourself at such an exact angle against the forces of gravity is strenuous! Breathe deeply while holding this pose and you will be amazed at the rise in your body temperature.

    December Student of the Month - Harris Moreida!

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Posture of the Month - Warrior II Pose

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Warrior II

    Standing sideways on your mat take a big step out. Allow your stance to cover almost the entire length of your mat. Bring your arms out to the side, as if you have wings. Make sure your legs and feet are spread almost as wide as your wingspan. Turn your front foot out 90?degrees, turn your back foot in just a few inches for stability. Bend your front leg deeply, creating a 90?degree bend in the knee... like an upside?down “L” shape. Center your spine and upper body between the lunge of

    Your front leg and the stretch of your back, anchoring leg. Pull your belly in tight to strengthen your core and to lift and stretch your spine. Stretch your arms out from the shoulder joint in a “wingspan” position with fierce energy and focus. Wrap your arm muscles to their bones and feel strength in your focus. Gaze past the front arm stretching. Hold this position and breathe deeply.


    Warrior II pose is, in fact, a “warrior” pose. The strength and determination needed to hold this posture strengthens our will. There are always challenges in life, and we need courage and stamina to move through them. Warrior poses help us to access that strength by challenging our leg muscles, which challenge our cardiovascular health.

    September Student of the Month - Stephanie DeSilva

    Last updated 4 months ago

    September Posture of the Month - Kapalbhati: "Breathing in Firm Pose"

    Last updated 5 months ago


    Final breathing helps to rid our bodies of excess carbon dioxide that may have been built up throughout our practice from shallow breathing and/or not completing a full exhale. It also helps the lungs prepare to breathe in new, fresh oxygen during final relaxation.



    Sit with your hips on your heels and your knees touching side by side. Lengthen your arms so your hands/palms rest on your thighs. Use your abdominal strength and the length of your spine to sit upright with a long, elegant posture. Take a deep breath in.

    Begin to snap the lower belly to the spine on each quick exhale. Just think of exhaling over and over again…the inhale will naturally find it’s place. Final breathing is a quick, forceful exhalation over and over again until you reach 60 repetitions. Exhale through your mouth to release the body of tension and to force as much air out as possible.


    The Goods:

    Final breathing is an opportunity to connect with our breath at the close of our practice, allowing us to come full circle from our opening breathing exercises. At this point of the class, we have effectively touched every muscle, bone, ligament, tendon, and organ of the body with highly oxygenated, nutrient-rich circulation. Aligning with our breath and giving our system one more push of exhale, allows us to create an environment for peace and tranquility in final relaxation. Getting rid of any excess carbon dioxide in the blood, ensures we can rest peacefully, as our body will breath itself naturally towards health and healing in final relaxation.



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